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Protecting Your Cats and Your Family from Rabies


· Vaccinate your cats against rabies.  

· In the United States, rabid cats are more than twice as numerous as rabid dogs 

· Do not attract animals to your home by feeding them. Keep tight fitting lids on garbage cans.

· Keep garage and shed doors closed, and cap all chimneys so animals do not nest in these areas or enter your home.

· Avoid contact with stray or wild animals, even if they are babies

· Contact your physician if you awaken in a bedroom with a bat, or if a bat is discovered in a room with a previously unattended young child.

· Some wild animals have become very accustomed to living near people. Always be cautious because you cannot tell for sure if an animal has rabies just by looking at it.  


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Come visit us and add a picture of your cat to our page.  We have updated information on recalled foods, veterinary care, changes in diets that we carry and holiday hours.  We often post questions for clients to give their input and learn what others are doing.  



Cat Towers for Sale!!



 Reasons to have a good cat tower?

· Vertical cats are less stressed

· Better to scratch on vs. your furniture

· Happy cats = happy owners

· Increase your square footage of your house, by using the dead space

· Feeding station that can be eye level

· Proceeds from each piece of cat furniture goes to pay for veterinary care for our orphan kittens, cats, puppies, dogs and small animals! Each of our cat trees are specially hand-crafted by members of our local community. All pieces are built extremely sturdy for Wisconsin cats with high quality, solid wood construction.


Many available at :

Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary

810 S. Commercial St. in Neenah

Or Email Emily at :



Do Your Part to Reduce Rabies Risk, Vaccinate! 


Each year 55,000 people die worldwide from Rabies. The fatal, zoonotic (can be transferred from animals to humans) disease attacks the nervous system of mammals.


Thankfully, in the U.S., responsible animal owners have helped protect animal and human life by having their pets vaccinated against the disease, reducing the number of human rabies cases to only three per year.


?This low number is partially a result of the availability of effective preventive treatment after a person sustains a potential exposure,? explains Dr. James Kazmierczak, State Public Health Veterinarian for the Wisconsin Division of Public Health. ?It is estimated that about 40,000 persons receive the preventive rabies shots each year in this country.?  


Although the number of human rabies cases has decreased over the past several decades because of stray animal control ordinances and better rabies vaccination coverage for pets, it is still a disease of significant public health concern.


?Rabies is a disease that is invariably fatal, and it remains a public health risk because the rabies virus is maintained in wildlife reservoirs such as bats and skunks,? Dr. Kazmierczak explains.   




Obesity in cats is a disease!

Not an eating disorder!

Prevention is the key!



Teach your cat how to hunt for his food.


Count calories

A spayed or neutered 10# cat should be taking

in approximately 200 calories per day.


Higher protein

Needed for muscle mass

45% or higher


Less carbohydrates



Protein   55%

Fat   15%

Carbs   8%

Fiber   1-2%


New Clinic Location


We moved to our new location in May 2010.  Here are some of the exciting facts of this building!


· Sun room in boarding for playtime

· Adoptable kittens in the lobby

· 3 full wards in back for recovery

· Dental and Grooming now have their own room

· WINDOWS!!  28 of them!!

· Location is more friendly for people to get to

· Every exam room is bigger and all with windows for your cat viewing pleasure

· Better ventilation

· Full basement for classes or continuing education

· Supplemental heat in all 3 recovery wards

· Parking is easier to get in and out of



Grand Re-Opening 2010


We had our Grand Opening July 10th, 2010.  We welcomed more than 300 people into our new clinic and gave them a tour.  We had adoptable kittens from 3 shelters, sold cat towers, brat fry to benefit a local shelter and had a huge bounce house.  It was very hot that day, but we had a great time!  Thank You to all the people for coming and making this a success!!