Royal Canin Prescription Foods
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Therapeutic Diets:

No Description                     Urinary SO
     Available in a dry 5.5 lb bag, 16.5 lb bag, 5.8 oz can & 3 oz can
     * This prescription diet will dissolve struvite stones and crystals.
     * Helps to prevent oxalate crystal formation.
     * Use in cats with idiopatic cystitis
                     * Dr. Flatley recommends canned food daily.                      

No Description
                                 Recovery RS
                                 Available in a 6 oz canned formulation
                                * For cats  who need  extra calories.
                                * Smooth enough formula to feed through a syringe 
                                 or a feeding tube.
                                * Very high in calories and fat
                                * Extremely palatable

No DescriptionNo Description Select Protein Diets
*Available in a dry 8 lb bag & 5.5 oz canned formulation
* Used for food allergies, and some gastrointestinal problems.
                       * Comes in 4 different proteins : Venison, Lamb, Rabbit, Duck
                       * Not a stock food, but we can order it in for you.  


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