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No Description
  Allerpet/C Solution
  Helps people with allergies to live with their cats.
  Available in a 12 oz bottle





Vet Solutions Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo
Helps to sooth the skin while gently cleaning away debris and oil.  Great for cats with allergies, or that get bathed frequently.  Wonderful light smell, not strong.











No Description
Malaseb Shampoo
Shampoo used to treat Ringworm.
Available in an 8 oz bottle

No Description
Virbac Dermatology Humilac Spray

Used to moisturize your cat's skin.  
Helps to decrease the dandruff and itchyness of dry skin.
Available in an 8 oz bottle

No Description
Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution
Great for maintaining ear cleanliness.
Available in a 4 oz bottle

No Description
Jorgensen Lab: Cat Nail Trimmers
Good stainless steel nail trimmer for cats.
Easy to see all sides of the nail.
High quality and easy to use.






Pet Hair Roller, Veterinary Strong

This is what we use at the clinic here for the tought jobs.  When you are covered in cat hair, you want something that can tackle that tough job.  We have found the Evercare to be the stickiest option available.



Dental Care:

No DescriptionC.E.T Enzymatic Toothpaste
Poultry Flavored toothpaste for cats
Available in a 0.4 oz sample and a 2.5 oz tube

No Description resized to 300 pixels wideC.E.T. Dental Kit
Oral Hygnene Kits for Cats
Cat toothbrush with a 2.5 oz toothpaste
Seafood Flavor

No Description resized to 300 pixels wideVet Solutions Enzadent
Oral Care Chews
Helps to keep the tartar off your cats teeth.
Available in a box of 24 chews

No Description
Maxi/Guard Orazn
Great product for red or inflammed gums.
No Flavor and easy to apply!
Available in a 2 oz bottle

Toys and Treats:

No DescriptionDa Bird

An interactive pole toy you and your cats will love!
 We have sold hundreds of these and there is not one complaint, from cat or human! 





No DescriptionDa Bird has many replacement "birds" that we could order in for you.




No DescriptionGo Cat: Cat Tail
Feather interactive toys that will get your cat up and at 'em