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Visit Our Web Page!

We now have our web page up and running! If you are looking for "Dr. approved" cat information, please visit us at

You will be able to find :

Clinic Hours

Boarding & Surgery FAQ's

Cat Information Library

Dr. Recommended links

Emergency Information

Staff Information & Pictures

Clinic Tour

If you think we are missing something that would be helpful, please let us know! Do you have a favorite cat web page that you enjoy? E-mail it to us, so we can enjoy it also!

Toxicity found in Dental Products

Xylitol is a sweetner found in chewing gum and candy, and now in an over-the-counter pet water additive, which is marketed to decrease tartar build up over time. Xylitol in some cats, if ingested in significaant amounts, can lead to a dangerous drop in blood sugar, resulting in depression, seizure, and liver disease. Please always be cautious when using any OTC medical product for your cat. Just because these products are on the market, does not mean that they are always safe.

**Please Ask the Experts**

If you ever have any questions about a product, please call us first. Often times we hear clients asking people at the store which products are best. These people have no medical training, and are often times misled by pushy sales reps. We are always here to answer your questions!

Continuing Education for FVCC

We have been busy this summer keeping up on all of the latest feline information. Some of the courses our staff completed:

Urinalysis Identification and technique

Fecal Identification

Feline Calici Virus Update

Dental Radiography

Feline Tooth Extractions

After Dental Care

Feline House Soiling Prevention and Medication

Jen and Sarah are Feline Health Care Specialists!

We decided to continue our education more by taking a 2 part on-line course. The first part covered dental charting, identification, treatments, care and pain relief. The second part covered feline Leukemia virus and the Immunodeficiency virus. This 2 part course took each member almost 4 hours to complete. We strongly believe in keeping up to date on our medical knowledge and applaud Jennifer and Sarah for finishing these courses!


Looking for a New Kitten?

Saving Paws is a no kill, nonprofit organization that we support. They have over 50 cats at one time for adoption. Please visit them at