Behavior Consultations             

Dr.Flatley has a strong interest in behavior medicine. Her approach to addressing behavior problems is systematic and thorough. Positive reinforcement and behavior modifications are tools she has used successfully. Behavior modifying drugs, although useful under appropriate circumstances, are used cautiously and only as a last resort.

How can I set up a ONE HOUR behavior consultation with Dr Flatley?

First Step: If you are a new client to us, please start by calling us at (920) 882-2287.
We will ask for a brief description of the problems you are having with your cat.

Second Step: We will have you fill out a thorough behavior questionaire. This is available at the clinic or we can email a copy to you. If you are not a client, we would ask that you send or drop off any recent medical records for your cat to our clinic.  Dr. Flatley will evaluate these records before your scheduled appointment.

Third Step: Once the history and questionare have been evaluated by Dr.Flatley, you will be contacted to set up a behavior consultation appointment. Please set aside an hour of time for your appointment. We will let you know if we need you to bring your cat with you to this appointment.  This will, of course, depend on the behavior problem that is being addressed.        

Phone Consults Now Available!  

Dr. Flatley is excited to now offer behavioral consults via telephone for those clients unable to travel to our clinic. While not appropriate for all situations and specific patients, a phone consult will allow Dr. Flatley and clients to address behavioral issues without the difficulties associated with a long distance car ride. Phone consults will still require an scheduled appointment, and the steps detailed above, to allow Dr. Flatley adequate time to prepare and discuss recommendations with owners. Please specify when contacting our clinic if you are interested in a phone consult. Dr. Flatley will then determine if a phone conversation is advised based on the specific behavioral issue.



Common Behavior Problems that can be addressed:       


Feline house soiling                       Feline  Aggression   

-Litterbox aversion                         -Directed toward people

-Spraying                                          -Territorial aggression

-Inappropriate elimination            -Inter-cat fighting  

-Compulsive Behaviors                  -Destructive Behavior

-Feline Over Grooming                   -Anxiety Disorders 


Note: We may recommend a complete physical exam involving laboratory testing to rule out the chance that a medical issue could be the root of the behavior problem. This can be done if recommended at your veterinary clinic, or we would be happy to perform the testing here at the time of the appointment.

If your cat has behavior issues, don't ignore the problem. We are here to help!          


Words from a recent success story:

"I want to say thank you. Lucy has had litter box issues for years. We had one consultation with Dr. Flatley, and the advice she gave us was sensible and simple to do. After so many years of trying other things, we weren't sure how these simple changes would work. But we took her advice and made the few changes she suggested. Since that day, Lucy hasn't had one accident outside the litter box. Truly amazing!"

~Sue from Appleton~


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