Fox Valley Cat Clinic LLC

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Boarding Frequently Asked Questions:     

1.  What should I bring with my cat when I drop him off for boarding?
You may want to bring a "bed" that smells like home and toys.   This will help him to relax.   We do supply fleece blankets for them to snuggle in. 
You can also bring their own food.  This is especially important if your cat is a finicky eater, or on a special diet.  We are more than happy to follow your specific feeding instructions.  
You do not need to bring a litter box.  We supply this as well as either gravel, pine pellets or clumping cat litter.

2.  Can vaccinations be updated while my cat is boarding?
We do require current rabies and distemper vaccines.  These vaccines can be updated at the clinic at time of boarding if needed.

3.  Will my cat get any exercise while they are boarded?
We offer play time (or snuggle time) for your cat while they are boarding. This involves one-on-one attention with one of our staff using toys, window perches or just being petted and sweet talked!   Twice a day,  they can roam our exercise area and stretch their legs, or sit on a perch looking out our viewing window, while their litter boxes are being cleaned.  

4.When can I drop off and pick up my cat from boarding?  
You can drop your cat off anytime during the first day of scheduled boarding.  These are our Clinic Hours.
We do ask that you give us some idea of what time to expect you, and that your arrive at least 1/2 hour before closing time.

5.  How much does it cost to board my cat?
The cost depends on how much space you would like your cat to have, if they require any medication, and if you would like them to have play time.  We would be happy to quote you a price if you give us a call at (920) 882-2287.  Or, stop in at the Fox Valley Cat Clinic for a tour of our boarding facility. Directions and Maps

6.  Will my cat come in contact with other cats?
NO!  Your cat will hear and see other cats, but will not come in contact with any other cats. 

7.  Can I board my diabetic cat? 
Yes.  All the staff at the Fox Valley Cat Clinic have a full understanding of how to give insulin injections.
We closely monitor your cats food intake, urine output, and water intake and are able to feed and give insulin following your schedule.  Of course, if there are any question, Dr. Flatley will be consulted about your cat's care.