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Did you know that Dr. Flatley has 20 years of experience treating dogs AND cats in the Fox Valley Area, before she opened the Fox Valley Cat Clinic in 2004?    And since achieving her CVA in Veterinary Acupuncture and her CVCHM in Chinese Herbal Medicine, she has had many requests to offer Canine Holistic Consultations as well.  These canine appointments are scheduled at the end of day, so as not to conflict with her feline clinic hours, allowing her  time needed to discuss all previous medical history, nutrition, behavior, and current medical problems of her canine patients.  




A few  of Dr. Flatley's recent Canine Holistic Cases: 

Boomer came to me after suffering from chronic diarrhea for over a year.  Boomer's condition had not responded to conventional medications.  After Karen researched alternative medicine for Boomer, she gave my clinic a call.  I expected to meet   20 lb of bouncy terrier energy on my first visit with Boomer, but he was reserved, quiet and sedate. After my history taking and Traditional Chinese Medicine examination, Boomer  was started on an herbal formula to bring his digestive tract back into balance,  along with specific dietary recommendations. We were seeing solid stool  and more normal terrier energy within 2 weeks of beginning his treatment.             ~ Dr Flatley

  " I brought Boomer to Dr Flately to help  me figure out his digestive issues. She did an extensive interview about my feeding protocol and really listened  to my concerns. She started Boomer on herbs and a feeding program that really improved his digestion and improved his appetite, he is much happier and we are thrilled with his progress!!! "              ~  Karen Knaus, Kaukauna



Rudy, a 13 year old Portuguese Water Dog, suffered from crippling elbow arthritis. When he was younger, he was an agility dog (see picture!), but over time his arthritis began to cause him considerable pain.  When he first started acupuncture treatment, he was limping badly most of his day.  Although he was an older guy, his attitude was patient and willing to please.  After his second treatment, his pain was less and his limp gradually diminished.   Over his year of treatment, his quality of life was much improved. He sadly passed away in December from bladder cancer.  He was a joy to care for, and he will be missed ~Dr. Flatley

"At less than one year of age, Rudy, my Portuguese Water Dog,developed arthritis in his left elbow.  When I brought him to Dr. Flatley at age 13,he was taking all the pain medications that Western veterinarians could provide.   Dr. Flatley began acupuncture treatment , and the results were immediate.  Rudy gradually exhibited fewer and fewer pain symptoms.  Rudy was able to increase his exercise and resumed his relaxed attitude.  Acupuncture was something that I would recommend for any dog experiencing pain.  Thanks, Dr. Flatley, for helping Rudy to thrive in his golden years.   ~Barb Stanek, CPDT-KA, Oshkosh


If you are interested in pursuing a more holistic approach to your dogs problems, please consider  scheduling a Canine Holistic Consultation with Dr. Maureen Flatley by  calling us  at 920-882-2287 or emailing  us at  We will ask you to send or drop off your dogs records for Dr. Flatley's review prior to setting up your consultation.  After the records are received, Dr. Flatley will call you and discuss what holistic treatments you could consider in an integrative approach to your dog's specific medical condition.