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Cardiologist Hattie Bortnowski DVM

Dr. Hattie Bortnowski is a Clinical Instructor of Small Animal Internal Medicine in the Department of Medical Sciences at the UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine. She also operates a private mobile cardiology consulting practice that she brings into private clinics to better help patients with cardiac issues.
Starting July, 2008, the Fox Valley Cat Clinic is thrilled to offer Cardiology Consultation and Echocardiogram here in the comfort of our practice.  Please call for the next available date. 

Dr. Bortnowski performs a brief physical exam      She sits down with your kitty and keeps them
   to better assess your kitties health.                   relaxed as she takes a look at the heart.
The ECO Machine maps the heart.                         Dr. Bortnowski takes all of this 
                                                                                   information to analyze your kitty's
                                                                                    heart and relays her findings to Dr. Flatley.

Dr. Bortnowski and Dr. Flatley work together to put together a plan to help treat your cats cardiac issues.