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What is

Veterinary Chinese Herbal Medicine?


Herbal medicine is the world's most ancient form of medicine. Every culture and ancient civilization uses plants to heal. Even today around 75% of the world's population relies on herbal medicines.

The ancient Chinese developed herbal medicine thousands of years ago, as one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Finally, this traditional way of treating disease is available for our pets.



Chinese herbal medicine involves the prescription and administration of herbal formulas, derived from plants. These contain anywhere from three to fifteen or more herbs, which are used together to balance each other's effects. These formulas are typically given to animals as pills or powders on their food. They may also be given as suppositories in a hospital situation. They are gentle and all natural, but can be a powerful addition to treatment of many varied diseases.


In general, herbal formulas treat internal medical problems more successfully than functional or structural musculoskeletal problems, which are better suited to acupuncture therapy. Herbal formulas can be used to good effect alone, or as an adjunct to therapeutics for animals that do not respond favorably to typical western veterinary medicine.


Side effects to Chinese Herbal Medicine, although rare, are usually mild in the form of softer stools or vomiting.  All suspected changes should be carefully recorded and reported to the clinic.  It is VERY important to report ANY changes seen in your pet's condition so that we can give you guidance as to the proper response.  Please call the Fox Valley Cat Clinic at 882-2287 if any of the following occur:  -You are not able to give the medication as directed

                           -You notice vomiting and or diarrhea after starting a new medication

                           -Your pets conditions worsens or your pet develops additional symptoms

                           -You have less than 2 weeks of medication left and will need a refill