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Many Chinese Herbal Medications are made in a liquid or powdered form. Both are equally effective, but one form may be easier for YOU to administer,            

or for your cat to accept.

 Liquid medicine can be mixed well into canned cat food.  Liquid can also be syringed directly into the mouth of the cat.

 Powdered formulations can also be mixed into canned food.  Some cats may accept the formula sprinkled into dry food, especially if mixed with powdered dehydrated liver.  As an alternative, a powdered formulation may be mixed into human food -like tuna, feta cheese, liver paste, or butter.  The powdered form can also be mixed with a flavored liquid like clam juice and given orally by syringe. 

 Expect that the Chinese Herbal Medicine will change the smell of the food.  This may take some time for your cat to accept.  I recommend GRADUALLY introducing the new medication SLOWLY over a period of 7 days or longer, starting with just a pinch mixed well into a very favorite (and fragrant) food.  This form of treatment is less dose dependent than conventional medicine, meaning that even a small amount of herbal medication is beneficial.  Most cats, over time, will learn to accept this form of medication.