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Why should you choose holistic medicine for your pet?
Most people turn to alternative medicine when conventional medicine  has too many side effects, or when their pet just isn’t getting better from drugs or surgery. They usually have the perception that holistic medicine will help at least a little, but the reality is that it can help tremendously.

Dr. Flatley is a conventionally trained veterinarian with 30 years of experience treating cats and dogs.   She also is certified in Acupuncture therapy and Chinese Herbal Medicine. While she practices conventional medicine, she is also able to integrate  the tremendous healing power of holistic medicine into her patient care.

What is holistic medicine?
Say that your pet is suffering from a few different disorders – stomach problems, itchy skin and arthritis, for example. Holistic medicine doesn’t look at your pet as having three different problems. It works from the basis that those different disorders are somehow connected, and that the secret to health and permanent resolution of all complains is to find that connection. In short,holistic medicine treats the underlying problem – not just its symptoms.

Diet is often at the center of an animal’s health complaints. Many pets have become addicted to life on the sofa eating the equivalent of bon-bons in the pet world -"kibble".   During  Dr.Flatley’s  consultation with you,  she will make dietary recommendations and advice that will provide a foundation for health and wellness for your pet. 

What does holistic medicine offer?

 Holistic medicine offers an improved quality and length of life for your animal. Your pet will be able to do more for longer rather than just getting by.  Overall,  holistic medicine makes for a happier,healthier pet.  Dr. Flatley offers both Feline Holistic Consultations and Canine Holistic Consultations.  Start your pets on the road to better health by calling today for a holistic consultation at 920-882-2287.


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