Fox Valley Cat Clinic LLC

1201 Tuckaway Lane
Menasha, WI 54952


"I want to say thank you. Lucy has had litter box issues for years. We had one consultation with Dr. Flatley, and the advice she gave us was sensible and simple to do. After so many years of trying other things, we weren't sure how these simple changes would work. But we took her advice and made the few changes she suggested. Since that day, Lucy hasn't had one accident outside the litter box. Truly amazing!"

~Sue~ from Appleton


"I love the Fox Valley Cat Clinic!  If it weren't for Dr. Flatley,  I would have lost my Friedo years ago.  Dr. Flatley went above and beyond when he had a urinary blockage.  Luckily, all is wonderful and Fred is loving life. You couldn't ask for a more caring place for your fur children!!" 

~Karla~  from Appleton

  "...the atmosphere is great!  Awesome place for cats; quiet, clean, friendly environment.  Dr Flatley is great at what she does.  She always strives to continue her education and stay ahead of the field!  I love Fox Valley Cat Clinic." 

~Sarah~ from Oshkosh

 "Dr. Flatley,  and her team at Fox Valley Cat Clinic are amazing!  I have used them for years for my cats and they always go above and beyond to ensure my cats are comfortable during their vet visits and they provide excellent advice and care to ensure my kitties like long, healthy lives.  I would HIGHLY recommend them to any cat owner!" 

~Emily ~ from Neenah


"Dr. Flatley and her staff are just amazing with our 'children' and would definitely recommend Fox Valley Cat Clinic to any cat lover!"

~Dawn ~ from Appleton


"I love Fox Valley Cat Clinic!  I had my poor Nemo to countless vets, but only after visiting Dr. Flaltey was I  able to figure out what was causing his tummy issues.  It's been 5 years since then and he hasn't had an issue.  Both Nemo and I say THANK YOU Dr. Flatley!"

  ~Natalie ~from Neenah


"...I've been coming to see you for about 6 years and well I'm pretty scared and shy when you see me I do notice that you care about me a lot. You treat me with kindness and care and I thought other kitties should know, so maybe they'll come see you too!  For those who don't know my name is Kitty.  I am 14 years young and 6 years ago I came into the cat clinic because my tummy was upset.  Will after some tests and a lot of questions over time, I was diagnoses with high blood pressure, IBD (Inflamed Bowel Disease), low potassium and they also removed 2 teeth that were really painful to me even thou I didn't show it.  Now many years later I am a happy and healthy Kitty.  I have my medications to keep me feeling good.  I get a complete physical and blood work every 12 months to keep track of how I'm doing inside and out.  So, as you can tell I really am a 'Happy Kitty' due to the knowledge and care the cat clinic gave to me and my mom."
~Amee and her cat Kitty~ from Appleton


This is the place to take your cat! My brother had two elderly cats and introduced me to the vet staff, I have not taken my cat anywhere else, since that introduction. Dr. Maureen Flatley is wonderful and this staff knows how to take care of our feline friends. This is a wonderful find in the fox valley!

~Tracy~ from Appleton