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Rx Vitamin Products

Rx Vitamens for Pets is an innovative, nutraceutical company providing veterinarians with nutritional formulations designed to enhance patient outcomes.



Supports Normal Liver Function.
A palatable, liquid format designed specifically for the "difficult-to-pill" cat.



 Liquid Amino B-Plex

Supplies cats with beneficial amounts of B complex vitamins, aqueous liver fractions and essential amino acids in a highly palatable format that is easy to administer.





Rx Renal Feline

Rx Renal is a comprehensive renal support formula composed of multiple botanical extracts and nutraceuticals that help support normal kidney function. 



Liquid Nutricalm

An innovative formula for cats exhibiting nervousness, aggression and stress. The formula is delivered in a palatable liquid format which makes dispensing easy.






A palatable, liquid format designed to support and improve immune system function.





Ultra EFA

A highly potent fatty acid blend featuring a high-grade marine lipid concentrate rich in the Omega 3 constituents EPA and DHA.









Cranberry RX

Supports the Urinary Tract during infection and instability.  Supplied in a capsule, which you sprinkle over the canned food.  Most cats cannot taste the powder and eat it readily.




RX Clay

RxClay (Hydrated Calcium Aluminosilicate) is a geological nanomaterial that adsorbs bacterial enterotoxins and increases the reabsorption of intraluminal water in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in clinical normalization of stool quality.  AKA it works great !





Amino B+K

A Palatable Source of Dietary Potassium, that delivers the 2mEq of potassium gluconate with each 2 ml administered.  Delivery is easy due to the highly palatable liver and bacon flavoring.






Rx Zyme

A comprehensive and versatile enzyme preparation targeted to reduce intestinal permeability and improve GI ecology and the GIimmunesystem.Patients with inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea, atopy, and number of other chronic diseases will find this formula a good complement to their therapeutic programs.


Phos-bind (Aluminum Hydroxide)

Phos-bind has been found to be highly palatable when blended with a pet's meal to help support the normal function and health of the kidneys.

Feline Minerals 

Provides both macro and micro mineral supplementation, especially calcium to help balance home prepared meals and as a general mineral supplement. Taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, is included in the feline formula. 100% pure and hypoallergenic and is not flavored in any way.



Formula CV

Cardiovascular nutrition support which combines the protective qualities of hawthorn berry along with other essential nutrients that support the structure and function of the cardiovascular system.




Rx Biotic

A blend of 4 major probiotic bacterial strains with two prebiotics. Clinical research has demonstrated that the beneficial bacteria in the bowel normalize

gastrointestinal system function as well as contribute to improved immune response. Highly palatable, high potency, hypoallergenic powder with no flavorings.



Nutritional Support

A nutrient dense blend that provides an excellent addition to any commercial diet. Benefits include:

*Supports a healthy digestive tract*

*Strengthens the immune system*

*Ideal supplement for pets of all ages including debilitated and older pets*

*Improve your pets' overall wellness and level of energy*

*Improves appearance and texture of the skin and hair coat*